Studio Policy: Conditions for Private Music Tuition
Deanne Scott’s Music School 2023-24. 

NOTE: Reference to students in these Conditions includes the parents or guardians of child/student where the context allows.)  

Dear Parents and Future Students,
Thank you for reading these guidelines.

I am strongly motivated in providing the highest quality environment for learning music and teaching piano and therefore, due to a high demand for time slots, credits cannot be given for missed lessons, regardless of the reason or amount of notice given for non – attendance.  Students usually only have 39 lessons, and I want to provide the correct time to everyone to ensure efficient progress.

I understand that family holidays, social events and school commitments come up from time to time, but with my full schedule I can only offer the agreed time slots for lessons during school term. Families are welcome to contact each other to try and swap times. (l will provide contact details as needed -please let me know if you prefer not to have from number given out, or siblings are welcome to take the lesson time.)
My other options are:

  1. Video you work and send it via vimeo and I can use the lesson time to evaluate and send back notes. 
  2. Complete theory homework and can it and I can mark it and send back notes for you.
  3. A zoom lesson.

In the case of an emergency, such as sickness, I will of course try my best to offer a make-up time within the term or in school holidays.
If I am unable to complete a class, I will make it up for the family at a convenient time.  Limited places for workshops and individual lessons in school holidays will be available.

1. Term Dates for 2023
a) For Afterschool and Saturday lesson times
For lesson times in main teaching times:3.00 to 7.00 pm Tuesday to Friday and 8:30 to 5 pm Saturday, music tuition is on a weekly basis and follows the Queensland Public School term calendar as set out below.  If there are any variations to teachers’ personal development or performance duties, make up lessons will be held at a time suitable for both parties.
Term 1: 24th January to Saturday 1st April. (10 weeks)
Term 2: 19th April to Saturday 25th June (10 weeks)
Term 3: 10th July to Saturday 16th September (10 weeks)
Term 4: 4th October to Saturday 2nd December (9 weeks)

Extra lessons are available during both term time and holidays by negotiation.
Pupil free days and Public Holidays are normal teaching days, unless notified otherwise. If you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson on such a day, you will need to contact me well in advance to reschedule your lesson.
I usually travel to the U.S.A. every year in July for further personal development in the Taubman Approach.  If this is possible in 2024, I will inform everyone.  When I do attend the symposium, I offer make up times.
b) For Daytime Lesson Times
Lessons during the day can be booked for five weeks at a time for adults.
2.a) ENROLMENT for lessons is expected to be ongoing for the full school year. A minimum of five (5) weeks’ notice in writing must be given to discontinue lessons, otherwise equivalent fee will be charged.  If a student does not intend to continue lessons in the following year, notice must be given by the last lesson in December.  A deposit equivalent to the lesson fee will ensure their space and time for the following year.  This deposit will go towards their first lesson in the New Year.
b) TUITION is per term. Terms consist of at least ten to eleven consecutive weekly lessons, generally in accordance with the State School calendar. Public Holidays and Pupil Free Days are regular teaching days unless otherwise notified.  Weekly lessons include piano, theory of music, sight-reading and aural training. Lesson durations are as follows:
               Beginners to AMEB First Grade                            — 30- 45 minutes
               AMEB Second to Fifth Grades                               — 45 minutes
               AMEB Sixth Grade and above                                — 60 minutes.
c) FEES are payable by the term IN ADVANCE or within fourteen days of receiving an account. I have the right to discontinue lessons if fees are not met or progress is unsatisfactory.
d) MISSED LESSONS.  The student’s non-attendance will be charged for, unless the circumstances, in the teacher’s opinion, warrant a special concession. Teachers are not required to make up lessons where the student does not arrive to a scheduled lesson without notification. Provided sufficient notice of inability to attend is given, every effort will be made to find an alternative time to make up the lesson within the term. Make-up lessons will not be carried into a new term. Lessons cancelled aby the teacher will be made up or carried forward.
e) HOLIDAYS: Lessons are available during holiday periods by arrangement. Holiday lessons will be invoiced separately.
f) PRACTICE:  Progress in learning to play an instrument is impossible without regular practice. Parents need to ensure that students are able to practice regularly between lessons (at least five days a week is preferred for optimal progress), and to support and encourage their children during practice sessions. Younger students need their parents to supervise their practice sessions.
g) Practice Records are to be recorded in their homework book or on the calendar supplied.  Please listen to your child’s progress at two points (at least) during the week and check their homework book for guidance and recommendations.  When the student is preparing for an exam, performance or eisteddfod, their lesson results will be recorded in their book.  50% means they know the notes, 65%, means it is a low C and therefore a pass mark.  75% = B, 85% =A and 95%A+. 
 h) EXAMINATIONS and COMPETITIONS: The teacher will not enter the student for any examination or competition without the student’s consent; but the teacher’s opinion as to what examinations and competitions are suitable at each stage of the student’s progress should be accepted by the student and parent/guardian.
The above terms and conditions of this contract are valid upon payment of this invoice or part thereof.

Lesson Rates As of Term 1 2023

$90.00 per hour for new students plus GST (10%)

Revised March 2023